What’s the Month for Masturbation? Let’s know the fun explanation about it


It would be easy to think that international month for masturbation is a month where everyone comes together and simply gets themselves off.

However, what International Masturbation Month is all about is a bit more complex. International masturbation month is more about the celebration of the idea that masturbation should be seen as something less taboo, more healthy, and even embraced as a good thing.

Celebrating masturbation Mind you, there is not only a Masturbation month (Month of May every year) but also an equally important Masturbation day (Celebrated on the 28th of May). It is celebrated in many ways but the original celebration, still held today, is through a Masturbate-a-thon.

The Masturbate-o-thon is less about masturbating for long periods of time and more focussed on the pledge aspect of the event.The idea is to encourage discourse and dispel taboos about masturbation being something shameful while one collects pledges and sponsorships.

The actual act of masturbating at the “o-thon” part of the event is present but really at the discretion of the participant.

HISTORY AND ORIGINS OF MASTURBATION MONTH. ALREADY 25 YEARS!The declaration of May being the month of masturbation was in reaction and protest to the Clinton administration’s firing of the liberal-minded 1994 United States Surgeon General (Jocelyn Elders).

Who, when asked;“..whether it would be appropriate to promote masturbation as a means of preventing young people from engaging in riskier forms of sexual activity”she responded“I think that it is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught”An extremely popular and influential sex shop in California’s Oakland area, Good Vibrations took notice to the firing.

They were not happy at all and, in response to this, declared May National Maturbation Month to raise awareness of masturbation as an integral part to sexual wellness.

Awareness and sex education was something they felt Jocelyn Elder’s intention was all along. Whether this was a publicity stunt by the sex shop or an actual honest social gesture is still debated to this day.

Oh how things have changed Indeed, we have come a long way since 1994. A society can really evolve in the space of 25 years.

Since that fateful December 1994 firing, many cultural and political views have changed. In fact, Jocelyn Elders has been vindicated not only for her views on sexuality but also, drug legalization and even abortion rights.

There has always been a preconceived notion that masturbation was a shameful thing. Say what you will about a month devoted to masturbation, but it has allowed discourse on a topic that is considered not available for discussion.

It allows one to freely say that they masturbate and not let that stigma hang over them like a scarlet letter.

By having a month in the year that highlights the acceptability and healthiness of masturbation in one’s everyday life, by lifting preconceived taboos, by embracing self-pleasure we can only move forward.

Whether Masturbation month has helped change preconceived notions and encouraged open discussion is still a point of debate to this day.

One thing is certain is that it has underlined the need for more sex education in schools by making people more aware that masturbation is an integral part of every individual’s sexuality.

MASTURBATION WILL “BEAT” COVID-19 Coronavirus (Covid19) is part of the world’s reality during this month of May and its impact will be with us for quite a while.

It forces us to stay inside and requires us to face isolation. Like everyone out there, we are all looking for interesting ways to pass the time and live without human contact and interaction.

Never has a month celebration been so relevant in these times. Masturbation is the quintessential self-isolation approach to sexuality. If there were a time where we needed a way to feel good about being alone, it is now.

Masturbation Month, Stay home – We just need to put two and two together here.

How many brands such as Refinery29, take the opportunity to highlight their well-being product and service offerings. What is also really nice about International masturbation month is that there is a lot of flexibility as to how one can celebrate it.

Social media challenges asking you to masturbate 10 minutes a day for 30 daysOne Instagram challenge @shamelesssexpodcast asks you to track your journey through photos There are challenges to masturbate without toysand of course the Masturbate-o-thon Masturbation month encourages awareness and raises taboos but also makes the pain of self-isolation not as acute.

By making people aware and not ashamed of something that is readily available, enjoyable, healthy, and free when it is needed more than ever can only be beneficial for all.


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